Shower Faucets

There are many popular brands of shower faucets, such as Kohler, Moen, Delta, American Standard, and others. Companies who design and manufacture these faucets offer choices for all budgets. There are styles that are affordable for most people and high-end faucets that only those who can pay hundreds of dollars can afford. Companies offer designs that fit into the décor of any bathroom, whether it is Victorian, traditional, modern, or contemporary. Many shower faucets are sold with the showerhead in a kit, but the faucets may be purchased individually as well.

Shower FaucetsThe first step in the selection process is to decide how much to spend on the faucet. There are inexpensive faucets that will look good and work well for a while. If a temporary fix is needed, they are a good solution to the problem. These inexpensive types of faucets are not sold with lifetime warranties as many of the more expensive name brand items are sold. Many brands will work well for five, ten, or more years. If a family plans to move to a different home in a few years, this may be the best choice of shower faucets.

The current trends in shower faucets coordinate with the décor trends in bathrooms. Home owners try to recreate a spa ambience, even down to the faucets and fixtures in the room. Showers often have showerheads that imitate a rainfall, and the faucets are simple, sleek, and ultra-efficient. Although their looks are unadorned and usually have one or two thin handles, they have features that were not found in faucets years ago. Shoppers often choose these ultra-modern faucets over cheaper standard ones because they are updating their bathrooms.

All of the major companies who make these faucets are also transitioning to more modern styles to meet the demand for these. Whereas they were once mainly produced in chrome only or brass-coated for the elite, now there are versions of faucets in unique finishes that are affordable to large numbers of consumers. Chrome is still very popular, but new, improved versions from Delta, Moen, and other top companies are now “wipe-clean” styles that do not require the maintenance that they once needed. Choices in fixture finishes today include brushed nickel, polished nickel, pearly-looking nickel, stainless steel, polished brass, oil rubbed bronze and other shades of bronze. Many consumers decide on the style of the faucet that they want as the second step in choosing the best faucet.

The features of the faucet are just as important as the looks to most of today’s customers. There are features such as Delta’s two-in-one shower that keeps the overhead water running at the same time that the hand shower is running. They can also be used individually. There are faucets that can be started with only a tap of the finger, and the technology used in faucets has advanced substantially. Whereas many gallons of water were used per minute in a shower, water-saving technology in faucets and high-end fixtures now produces a more efficient spray that uses far less water each minute. One company has produced water droplets that keep their warmth longer for a feeling of being drenched in warm water.

Today’s showers are often the size of an older small bathroom. They may have several shower faucets on different walls, or they sometimes have one faucet that controls two sprayers that are in the side walls. Consumers must now not only consider how much they can afford to spend on the fixture and the style, but also which modern features they want in their faucet. The look is important as well, and with so many choices, consumers often browse through bathroom decorating magazines or look at photos online to choose the shower faucets that will look best in their bathroom. If the type of metal in the shower is changed, it is usually required to change sink fixtures as well.

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