Delta Shower Faucets

Gone are the days of one or two styles of shower faucets because today’s Delta shower faucets are made in many different styles and of a variety of materials. There are traditional, contemporary, and casual styles that fit every bathroom décor. Customers may choose from materials, such as bronze, chrome, brushed nickel, pearl nickel, oil rubbed bronze, polished brass, aged pewter, stainless, and others. Each one provides a unique look in a bathroom. Best of all, Delta shower faucets may be chosen with features that today’s consumers look for. These features are referred to by Delta as “Smart Features,” and they include water efficiency, temperature control, and other modern technological features. Prices for these fixtures are available in all different price ranges, depending on the finish, style, and features. There are models that cost more than $500 and others that are under $100.

Delta Shower FaucetsThe Delta shower faucet in the Windemere Collection is priced under $100 and looks very stylish and modern, especially when it is installed in a bathroom with dark tile walls. The shiny chrome contrasts with the deep grey or other shades of tile if the homeowner wants to emphasize the faucet and showerhead. This model is also made in oil rubbed bronze, which has a black color that looks good with many light or dark bathroom tile styles. Stainless steel is another choice for those with a love of contemporary bathroom designs. The chrome style is the least expensive, and the bronze and stainless steel cost almost twice as much. All three are available for under $100.

The Dryden Collection includes a square-shaped showerhead and a square, single-handle faucet. The showerhead produces the effect of being in a strong downpour of rain. It is pressure balanced with volume control, and is made in chrome, Aged Pewter, stainless steel, or bronze. All of these are sold with a lifetime faucet and finish warranty, and they can be easily cleaned with only a simple wiping off with a damp cloth. The chrome version of this faucet sells for around $125, while stainless or bronze sell for around $200. Delta also makes a very traditional style small showerhead and faucet that sell for around $60 in chrome. It has a single lever handle to control the temperature of the water and a safety valve that prevents the hot water temperature from being dangerously hot. It is also sold with a lifetime warranty.

Most faucets are sold in sets with showerheads, but it is possible to buy just the faucet part. These can cost $200 or more if an expensive finish is chosen. The Lahara monitor valve is a one-piece faucet with curved handles that matches any décor very well. It can be purchased in stainless, bronze, or aged pewter finishes. They all have Delta’s lifetime Faucet and Finish Warranty, which is a very good buy for anyone who has had to replace an old-fashioned chrome faucet that has leaked and rusted. There are many other bathroom accessories sold to match this and all of the Delta shower faucets, such as towel holders, bathroom sink fixtures, lighting fixtures, and more.

A single-handle monitor valve is also sold in a variety of finishes. These are chrome, bronze, or stainless, and they all have the lifetime warranty. It uses a universal valve and has a pressure balance cartridge so that the handle is able to adjust the temperature. Each of the fixtures is made with detailing that makes it unique. A totally different look is the Vero collection faucet that sells for around $125 to almost $300. This contemporary faucet has an Asian influence in its simple rectangular shape and style. It is available in stainless or shades of bronze, and each one provides a different look. Competitive brands are Kohler and Moen, companies that sell a broad range of fixtures that are priced from around $100 to many hundreds of dollars.

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